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Growth and Collaboration

COPA Innovation Laboratories is focused on creating a synergistic business environment through a series of affiliates and collaborations.
In certain of our business enterprises, we will be offering franchise opportunities.
COPA Tech is a separate sports science and technology-oriented business unit. We develop proprietary software, hardware, training devices, and manage the manufacturing and sales process. COPA Tech has its own suite of home-grown products, and an active engagement in research and development. Contact Us for more information.
COPA Innovation Laboratories is currently working on the establishment of a new business model combining strength training, speed training, cognitive training, physical therapy, recovery, wellness, and retail products that are affiliated with these activities.
A private education academy specializing in movement-based learning emphasizes the integration of physical activities with academic instruction, fostering both cognitive and physical development.
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COPA STC, Walnut Creek, CA | 1st Prototype